BinaryOptionRobot Software Review


Auto trading software is not a magical way to make winning trades and get rich. Auto trading software is a program that uses mathematical algorithms to analyze historical asset price information and to predict future outcomes. The analysis allows the software to spot binary option signals that are trending in a pattern similar to the historical data. If the patterns are similar enough, the software is triggered to initiate a trade.

Despite the name, auto trading software is not 100% automatic, but BinaryOptionRobot is about as close as it gets. As an investor, you still need to set desired trading parameters manually. However, once the parameters are set, BinaryOptionRobot becomes entirely automatic.

Advantages of BinaryOptionRobot

Features of BinaryOptionRobot include:

  • More than 80% average winning rate.
  • Easy to use for all experience levels.
  • Helps to fill in knowledge gaps for beginners by picking winning signals.
  • Accessible on Mac, Windows, and most smart devices.

Any of these features are free with this powerful trading software.


BinaryOptionRobot is a free software. All you need to do is to follow a few simple steps, and you can start using the software immediately.

  1. Set up your account. Fast internet connection will make this step extremely easy. Signing up is simple, and the software updates automatically.
  2. Once you set up your account using a secure high-speed internet connection and set your risk level, BinaryOptionRobot runs completely automatic trading.

BinaryOptionRobot statistics

How does BinaryOptionRobot work?

BinaryOptionRobot doesn’t take over your computer and make you rich while you go about your business. Rather, it uses special algorithms to conduct technical analysis of historical data to identify the best trades.

You don’t need extensive trading experience to use BinaryOptionRobot. It is designed to fill in knowledge gaps for even the most inexperienced trader, though it does help if you have at least some knowledge of binary options when setting your trading parameters and level of risk.

Once set up, though, BinaryOptionRobot essentially becomes a computerized version of your trading habits. Unless you happen to be an expert investor, BinaryOptionRobot is likely to be even more successful than you yourself.

What is special about BinaryOptionRobot?

BinaryOptionRobot is currently the only trading software that does not require you to be at your computer in order to execute trades. While it does require you to set up certain settings, once this is done, it runs almost entirely on its own.

BinaryOptionRobot uses automatic stop loss so your funds are secure. Many other auto traders lack this option and can drain your account if you aren’t watching. You set the amount of loss you’re willing to accept and the program stops trading if the limit is reached.

If you start thinking BinaryOptionRobot is picking more losers than winners, select the reverse trading mode and BinaryOptionRobot will go against the signals.

BinaryOptionRobot application screenshot

Who is BinaryOptionRobot for?

Those who are new to binary options trading – while you should have some basic knowledge of trading binary options, BinaryOptionRobot can help you choose which signals to trade on, just like a more experienced trader would. With BinaryOptionRobot there are no knowledge gaps and no learning curve.

Busy investors. Many investors have other commitments, such as family and work, leaving them little time to spend researching every trade. With BinaryOptionRobot you can set it up and let it go. It will keep executing trades for you as you go about your life.

Professional investors. It’s difficult to execute multiple trades simultaneously, especially when dealing with short expirations. BinaryOptionTrader acts as an extension of you and places trades right alongside yours. Never worry that placing a trade will cause you to miss another profitable trade.

BinaryOptionRobot Vip version

As if BinaryOptionRobot didn’t have enough free features, it also offers a VIP version with extended functionality. The VIP version allows you to set trading signal risk levels freely, and you can opt out of smaller trades or higher risk trades.

Get two months of VIP access free when you refer a friend who makes an initial deposit with the binary option broker of their choice.

Bottom line

BinaryOptionRobot is fully automatic after your account is set up and parameters are entered. It includes a number of key trading indicators; developers claim it averages at over 80% winning trades. BinaryOptionRobot is adding new brokers to its compatibility list regularly. Prior knowledge is not essential for getting successful with BinaryOptionRobot, though some basic knowledge is recommended. BinaryOptionRobot helps investors conduct technical analysis more quickly and easily than ever before.

BinaryOptionRobot is the closest to 100% fully automatic trading software on the market today, and the only one that does not require you to be online for it to execute trades. According to reviews, the software consistently chooses winning trades and has the potential to bring in steady profit. BinaryOptionRobot is a great resource for those who are new to trading in binary options, as well as those with little time to devote to researching and making trades. If you’re unsure, give it a try with the trading amounts on the lowest settings.

Have you tried BinaryOptionRobot? If you have, we would love to hear about your experience with the software, whether positive or negative.

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