Brexit Surge Is Here


Brexit really is a great risk storm cloud that could rain on the forex markets. Meanwhile, GBP/USD is content enough to range sideways at higher time frame resistance. Still, as we come closer to the final few weeks, are we going to get really drenched?

GBP/USD daily

brexit surge daily

Overnight the leave campaigners got what they were looking for. Their first true lead in a meaningful poll, with two (phone and online) Guardian/ICM polls suggesting that the leave campaign has taken the lead 52% – 48%.

brexit surge twitter

A polling result that the money doesn’t quite agree with just yet:

brexit surge betfair

But campaigners on both sides have got their headlines printed, and now the closer we get to the June 23 date, the more relevant the polls become.

And that’s what we are starting to see in the Cable price action.

GBP/USD 4 hour

brexit surge 4 hour

As you can see on the 4 hour chart, Cable received a real jolt, dropping hard intra-day on the back of the latest polling headlines hitting the market.

Of course a drop like this on the back of a single newspaper run survey is just as likely to retrace in a single session as common sense prevails, but this is another reminder of the risks that the Brexit referendum poses to GBP/USD traders.

Bremain is no longer a foregone conclusion. Don’t get caught holding positions thinking that is the case.

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