CashU Review


Established in 2002 by Maktoob, now Yahoo!, CashU is a payment method customized to fit, support and Serve all online shoppers in the Arabic speaking countries and their surroundings. They offer security and easy access to payment solutions allowing everyone to purchase online without being discriminated for their nationality, banking options, or income. This is especially useful today, because their acceptance has grown among the online cash handling networks as one of the most efficient services comparable even to PayPal.

CashU increases revenue

For those who accept CashU as a payment, the company has developed into top vendors who are both approachable and credible. This creates the possibility for users to expand to thousands of location across most countries and every city in the MENA area. This is an enormous network created to handle the easy funding of CashU accounts as well as spending these funds to buy from online merchants who have accepted CashU as legitimate payments.

CashU site

The CashU’s management team provides its users easy access to the best experts in online payment with international and regional backgrounds in credit card processing, banking, online monitoring, alternative paying solutions, and marketing industries.

CashU gains popularity

Many merchants around the world have been able to smoothly expand and find growth steadily in the MENA area with CashU, Offering the services and products to millions of buyers residing in this developing region, CashU has offered these merchants sophisticated payment platforms. Allowing for safer, faster and wider consumer participation in the e-commerce, this platform provides up to date fraud prevention systems, as well as an AML system to reduce many of the accumulative risks associated for buyers and sellers with online payments.

Facebook is a great example: there are thousands of vendors who already accept CashU as recognizable payment and money services. As a consumer who uses this service to make purchases and banking, you are opened to a whole new world that can improve your life by offering simplicity in online purchases.

CashU accepted

Merchants who choose to find use from this service get access to an overwhelming amount of young individuals purchasing online. They can procure their profits with the aid of a clientele that brings credit card transactions to the table with the intent to make favorable profits from the vendors of CashU. Constantly increasing their vendor list, CashU is steadily becoming a solid form of payment and money transaction services throughout the e-commerce. They maintain, and show growth in the revenue of many of their users each day.

In conclusion, CashU offers its services to those with many different needs of online money transactions, while not many others can. Compared to PayPal, CashU creates a wonderful opportunity for merchants, vendors, and consumers. From banking to buying, you are able to manage and handle many of your e-commerce operations on a day-to-day basis while using a platform simple to navigate, and a log-in/sign-up that is made easy for all users who are in a hurry to begin using CashU today.

CashU has not only created a discrimination free service for the MENA region, but has also begun to expand rapidly worldwide to do the same in all regions of the globe. Offering payment solutions and providing different features that are useful for everyday consumers are only a small way to benefit by using CashU.

Providing growth, security, and revenue for merchants and vendors who choose to utilize this service, it has the ability to open many doors when it comes to online transactions throughout the internet and the purchases that can be made throughout it.

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