CherryTrade Binary Options Review


If you are a USA-based trader and are looking for an ultimate trading experience, consider CherryTrade. They have plenty of binary options and a variety of trading accounts that are perfect for low-, mid-, and high-volume traders.

Trader accounts

CherryTrade accounts

You will be able to open one of five different CherryTrade accounts should you sign up with the service. Classic is perfect for those who are new to binary options trading. You will be able to make investments up to $200 and claim a 20% welcome bonus.

Pro account will give you a welcome bonus of 35%, with the investments maximum being $2,500. This type of account also provides one hour of basic training, access to the second level of the education center and general trading signals.

Gold happens to be the most popular account on CherryTrade. It raises the investments cap to $6,500, and you get a lot of bang for your buck: 70% bonus, three risk-free trades, 3 hours of advanced training, and access to level 3 of the education center.

CherryTrade account types

VIP account is perfect for high-volume traders. With an investment maximum of $50,000 , you will receive a welcome bonus of 75%, 5 risk-free trades, 7 hours of analyst sessions, personalized trading signals, and access to level 4 of the education center.

Corporate is the account type that everyone wishes they could open at CherryTrade. With the biggest possible investment of $100,000, you gain access to 10 risk-free trades, a welcome bonus of 30%, unlimited one-on-one analyst sessions, and the whole education center.

CherryTrade platform

CherryTrade platform screenshot

CherryTrade trading platform is advanced enough to let you select which type of trade you want to place: one-touch, 60-second, and call or put trades. In addition to that, you can always find the latest financial news stories on the CherryTrade website.

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