Giga-tronics Partners Up with Lockheed Martin to Develop Threat Simulation Software


Giga-tronics, a San Roman, California-based engineering and design manufacturer that was established in 1985, saw its trading shares increase after the announcement that it was in a tactical software licensing agreement with Lockheed Martin.

Giga-tronics is the best in microwave and RF signal generators, RF interface unit (RFIU), ATE signal switching, and much more. Its test equipment is used throughout the world to boost productivity and facilitate in many applications, such as:

  • ATE systems
  • Aerospace and defense
  • General microwave component testing

The company’s core product lines are:

  • ASCOR ATE signal switching products
  • Signal routing products
  • MicroSource microwave parts
  • MicroSource subsystem products

The partnership with Lockheed Martin will allow Giga-tronics to create and license threat simulation software into a profitable product that can be domestically sold. The latest software ensures progressive competence to simulate threat environments in its new Advanced Signal Generator Hardware Platform.

lockheed martin
Photo credit: Lockheed Martin via Flickr

The company looks to release the product and the software in the next six months. The hardware and software package is distributed and sold mainly to U.S. customers as Real-Time Emulation System.

John Regazzi, CEO and President of Giga-tronics, announced Lockheed Martin as one of the company’s first Advanced Signal Generator customers, and their partnership demonstrates a belief in the company’s capabilities and perspectives.

Mark Elo, Vice President of Marketing for Giga-tronics, said it was a triumph for the Electronic Warfare community, Giga-tronics, and Lockheed Martin. The threat generation software was developed by a team with a strong heritage for program support, and it offers an array of new capabilities in a commercial off-the-shelf solution – something that’s ready for a turnkey bench solution or as an alternative for bigger projects.

Since the 1980s, Giga-tronics’ stocks have been dropping. It traded at $29 per share at one time, and during the 2000s, it was at $19 per share. Since July 2010, the stock has been trading at $3 or less per share. Giga-tronics’ stock has more recently been trading under $1.

No financial terms regarding the agreement have been released. However, Giga-tronics’ shareholders and even the market have shown some enthusiasm, ensuring the stock has seen a rise in its status. Lockheed Martin has seen its stock drop a little since the announcement.

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