How NASDAQ 100 Is Moving Hourly, Daily, and Weekly  


When it comes to the weekly look of NASDAQ 100, it appears to be experiencing an uptrend. Although, it appears that the movement in the last two weeks have come to a halt. Still, there is a chance for it to be on the positive side of the trend.

nasdaq 100 weekly

With regard to the daily aspect of NASDAQ 100, there have been no new trends formed. Rather, there must be a closing rally above the last of 4729 points to make it valid. This kind of trend needs some patience.

nasdaq 100 daily

In the hourly chart, there seem to be no new trends as well. However, there appears to be a present weakness that leans toward the downward side. This is when you need to sit back and watch what happens.

nasdaq 100 hour

The one thing you need to remember is that the journey always has a reward.

[Featured image credit: Thomson Reuters / Image cropped]

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