Nenx Brings Easy and Accessible Binary Trading to Mobile


If you have ever wanted to play in the stock market, but you have been confused and scared to even try it, no worries, there is a new app that will let you take on the big boys.

The app is called Nenx, and simply using your smartphone will turn you into an instant trader. But let’s go over it in more details in our Nenx review.

So, what is Nenx?

Nenx app review

This happens to be a binary option broker that works on Android or iOS devices as an app for right now. It will be made available for computer devices eventually. Right now it is only available to English speaking users from the UK, but there are plans in the making that will support CySec eventually.

Nenx will allow you to invest with a variety of assets on 33 markets that include virtual markets 24/7. Nenx will eventually add NASDAQ stocks such as Tesla, Vodafone, Facebook and many more.

We wanted this Nenx review to show you that this app is basically a way for beginners to experience the fast paced binary trading environment on the markets firsthand, while also being in a safe environment. This means that you are going to be able to trade based on if you believe the market will go down or up, over a time period up to 5 minutes. If you are correct, then you will get the amount shown whenever you make your trade, if you are wrong then you will lose the amount of the trade.

This particular binary investment broker has plenty of features. Some of them are similar to other trading platforms, while some are just on Nenx. Below are a few of the features:

  • Trader welcome bonus: You will get a 100% first deposit bonus. Simply enter TRADE100 on the deposit page. This offer is only valid once per customer on the first deposit. There are turnover requirements of 10 times of the bonus will apply.
  • Low Deposit Rate: Once you have completed the signup, then you can make a trade with just 10 Euros.
  • 24/7 Support: The customer service of Nenx is great. If you happen to have any type of question, you are able to reach the broker team via hotline, email or you can go to their business.
  • News section: Here is where investors especially the ones that are trained and experienced will be able to learn the hottest and latest from the financial world.
  • Education center: This virtual broker has its own virtual library. It has all the basics of trading and is best for newbies.

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Trading with Nenx

Nenx iPhone

Another point to highlight in this Nenx review is that there isn’t a demo account, but trading is generally straightforward. Once you have signed up and funded the account with a MasterCard or Visa then you will be able to trade. Below is how to begin:

  • In order to trade, click on the market window. This takes you to a detailed market and trade screen. Here you will be able to see a pricing graph, sentiment trends and the current price.
  • On the bottom of the page you will have the trade panel.
  • Select the time limit for your trade.
  • Select what you believe will happen. If you believe that the market will rise, click the green arrow. If you believe that it will fall, then click the red arrow.
  • Select how much you want to invest. This will be your invested amount and your potential winnings are shown.
  • Then click on place trade to begin trading.

You will then end up on the trade confirmation page, where it will confirm that your trade was accepted.


Nenx is easy, fun, and you will end up with real money that you can withdraw at practically anytime. You can try by placing a 30-second bet and see if you get addicted. It is the easiest way that you can see if you are made out to be a trading superman that you imagined yourself to be. We hope that this Nenx review has proven to be of use, and you are ready to make you first trading decisions already.

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