Porter Finance Is a Scam! Or not? Dive into Our Ultimate Analysis


It is great that over the years the reputation of many binary options platforms for trading has significantly improved. Today there are things like regulatory agencies and many of these trading practices are uniform across the various brokerage sites. Porter Finance is a binary options broker that certainly would like to keep its reputation clean and prove any Porter Finance complaints wrong. So in this article, we will look into the matter of why some people think that Porter Finance is a scam and is it true or not.

What is Porter Finance

Porter Finance is a broker that is fairly new since it was first back in 2014 that people were allowed to trade on their site, but this website has grown quickly and it has made great strides to establish itself as a dependable binary options broker. Traders from around the planet say they are very happy with their features and their investor services.

Porter Finance is a highly organized and well-structured binary options platform that provides its traders with a fair opportunity to make a profit and they do it in a way that is highly transparent. That is completely the opposite of a website that is attempting to scam someone, don’t you think?

Porter Finance: scam or not?

Porter Finance scam and complaints

How can a site prove to its customers that it provides a legitimate binary options trading platform? Providing 24/7 customer service to aid their traders quickly and effectively is one way. Customer service that can be contacted by phone, Skype, and internet chat will help to quickly resolve a problem. In addition, they offer many ways for their traders to do banking on their website. Traders can make deposits/withdrawals using methods such as Visa, MasterCard, Cartebleau, bank wire transfer, Visa Electron and Skrill. All these features are actually present in the Porter Finance offering, so is it a scam? Read along to find more.

From the start traders from around the world (Turkey is prohibited from trading) have been enjoying the benefits of trading on Porter Finance and it has attracted a diversity of traders from all the financial market trading backgrounds. If the website was trying to scam users then they wouldn’t have grown their customer base the way that they have. With their superior customer service that is highly responsive and their transparent banking practices, traders are aware that Porter Finance scam seems some kind of a rumor that has nothing to do wшер how the company actually works.

At all times deposits and withdrawals on Porter Finance are only done with the customer’s approval and they are carried out in a secure fashion that requires you to provide plenty of user information that is verified throughout the process. If Porter Finance scam was a true thing, then it would have used a covert banking transaction policies with high fees instead. Scam sites will rip their customers off by eating away at the funds that are in their trader’s account and also by not providing a fair chance to win when they invest.

Porter Finance scam: account types

Every trader should check to see if a broker has a regulatory license before you sign up with them or you can do a thorough internet search to find reviews before you sign up to trade on a brokerage website. Regulatory agencies keep a watchful eye on individual brokerage websites and also revoke their certification if a broker under their jurisdiction has been found to be using practices that are considered scams.

Organizations like FSPR in New Zealand, FCA in England, CySEC in Cyprus, and MIFID in European Union has been earning a reputation to ensure the websites that fall under them are transparent and fair in their trading and operations. These regulatory agencies usually have online brokers under them who focus their business in certain areas of the world, whereas other websites can be traded anywhere around the globe.

So you can see why joining a website that is regulated by an agency is highly recommended if you are looking to trade binary options online or join a website that is always positively reviewed online. This will make certain any trader will have a fair chance of winning from their investments because the website(s) they are trading on conforms to a strict set of compliance regulations. Choosing a binary options trading provider that is unregulated could be a big mistake unless all of their reviews are positive.

Porter Finance complaints: are there any?

Porter Finance binary options: demo account

While we established that Porter Finance scam is just some kind of a dirty internet rumor and has nothing to do with the reality, we should look at another possible drawback of this broker: does Porter Finance has many complaints from traders?

In fact, there isn’t a business on the planet that doesn’t get complaints now and then, particularly when it comes to a situation where a person has put their money at risk while trading on the financial markets. However, if you search the internet for Porter Finance you will find very few complaints and those that you do find are minor. When you have a responsible, well-trained customer service team available 24/7, it will go a long way towards building a solid reputation and it will minimize the complaints about Porter Finance. They quickly respond to problems and concerns and you can even reach them by phone from countries like Canada, UK, South Africa, and New Zealand.

The website also has an excellent FAQ section and a tab that can easily be clicked on if a customer needs to send the company a query. With measures that have been put in place by Porter Finance to handle many of the possible topics, they are able to thoroughly answer your questions in a way that will stop most complaints from ever occurring in the first place. Any concerns or complaints that the customer service team receives are handled by phone, internet chat, or Skype in real time by real people. You will not receive a prerecorded message or extended wait times that can be extremely frustrating.

Porter Finance wants to be known as a website that has great customer service. So does Porter Finance have complaints? Yes. But does having some former users who were not proficient on trading binary options mean that Porter Finance is a scam? Absolutely not! As we stated before, complaints are a normal thing in such line of business – or for that matter, in any kind of business, really. Porter Finance’s free demo account clearly demonstrates how reliable and responsive they are. The demo account will really help those trading binary options or just starting to trade on their site learn the Porter Finance trading platform before actually starting to place trades for money. This is especially beneficial to novice traders of binary options and actually adds one more point to our belief that Porter Finance scam is a fading rumor.

How does Porter Finance’s demo account work?

Porter Finance scam: platform screenshot

The demo account closely mimics the actual trading platform except it uses dummy money rather than real money. Those that use it can get a real feel for how the actual trading on the website works without the risk of using any of your own money. Once the investor becomes comfortable trading in the demo account and is consistently making winning trades, they are then ready to start trading with real money and have confidence doing so. It helps any investor learn how to abolish normal trading mistakes without having to take a financial loss.

The learning tools don’t just begin with the demo account. Porter Finance has a great mix of learning tools for you to choose from to improve your binary options trading skills. There are a number of different reference materials on various aspects of binary options trading that you can read and there’s also the helpful eBook that Porter Finance supplies everyone that signs up and trades with them. The eBook has tons of useful A to Z information on binary options trading and it’s very helpful for novice to veteran traders. This feature (among the others we mentioned) should convince you that Porter Finance scam is just vile rumors and nothing more.

If that’s not enough for you, the Porter Finance scam rumors can also be proven wrong by the following. The website has several financial reviews on various assets that are available to their traders, and this type of detailed information is what often will make the difference between you placing a winning trade and a losing trade. They also offer up to date financial news and they update their investors on current market trends. All of this aids in educating their traders in a way that not many websites do. Porter Finance customers have a good direction on how the financial markets are acting currently. This goes a long way towards the elimination of big losses and it helps those trading on the website experience winning decisions that are more consistent.

Is Porter Finance website regulated?

Porter Finance scam rumor

Porter Finance has been helping traders online since 2014. They have chosen not to be a regulated website because they wanted to be available to traders all over the world. That provides Porter Finance and those that trade on their site some big advantages that regulated websites do not have. It also provides them entry into the US binary options market and it provides traders there the chance to place binary options trades with a premier online broker. Only Turkey residents are not allowed to trade with this binary options broker.

Regulated websites have limits on the assets and on the types of binary options that can be traded on. Porter Finance likes it when their customers have more choices because it makes binary options trading interesting and fun, and of course, the more choices a trader has the more likely they are to find a type of asset or binary option that they can consistently make winning trades with. Regulations take some of the fun out of binary options trading, and it can reduce profits too.

Regulatory agencies are inclined to put too many restrictions on the websites that are under their regulatory body and it can make the trading platform too sterile. That is a key reason why Porter Finance decided not to regulate. But does it mean that Porter Finance is a scam? Of course no! It’s really safe for trading binary options with Porter Finance. People shouldn’t be scared to trade with brokers like Porter Finance that are reputable and fair but lack the regulation from agencies. Look at their awesome reviews and amazing support and decide for yourself!

Porter Finance scam rumors are false

Porter Finance scam

We have talked about many things offered by Porter Finance that many of the most reputable binary trading websites don’t even offer. It is evidence of the commitment of those that have designed and those that run the Porter Finance online trading website. They have built a reputable binary options trading website while leaving the trading fun and exciting. Those who spread the rumors of Porter Finance being a scam don’t know anything, they clearly want to harm this broker’s reputation for some reason.

All this discussion about how the regulatory agencies are stifling is in no way meant to discredit as these regulations were badly needed at the time they came into the binary options industry, and they went far to aid binary options trading become recognized as trustworthy and respectable. It is just in the process they took something away from trading. Many people started trading binary options because they were so different and far more enjoyable than other market trading forms.

Porter Finance understands they might have to work a little harder than regulated websites to earn the trust of investors but just as they have never been scared to do things differently, they will always ensure they are doing things in a manner that’s fair, safe, and trustworthy. If you’re still not convinced that Porter Finance isn’t a scam, just open your account with them and decide for yourself. Don’t let other influence your trading decisions.

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