Review of POLi, Australian Leading Payment System


POLi is an online payments solution for users to enjoy online banking to securely pay for services and goods with ease of access and convenience. They are based in Australia, and have granted several businesses and consumers relief and comfort with their everyday payments online. Offering themselves as an amazing and convenient alternative to credit cards, POLi accesses your online banking account to make payment transactions quick and safe with more ease and less haggle that would otherwise be found.

As a customer, you are not charged a fee for using POLi, and there is no extensive sign-up that requires a credit card number, as long as you have an online banking account, you are able to fully utilize this service to your advantage.

POLi saves time

This amazing service provides an immediate confirmation of sales through receipts, so you can have the proof of sell and purchase instantly without worrying about a faulty balance amount or ghost purchases. Offering an auto fill feature on payments, this service is made very simplistic for all users who are in a hurry, or get tired of filling out the same information repetitively, making POLi a quick and effective way to pay.

As far as the security of your identity and banking information, POLi does not store any of your personal banking information in any system or files. This creates security for the users, and recipients that is not only welcoming, but also needed. Taking security as its number one priority for users, POLi doesn’t perform any actions outside of a HTTPS level of security and doesn’t even allow their sites to become cached into any system, so there is no trace of your personal banking accounts left in their services.

POLi Payments

POLi makes checkout quick and easy

Selling through POLi allows your customers to pay with their internet banking account, and then alerts you as soon as payment is complete. Their software populates the details of the payments made. Providing a secure payment option by navigating the payment of the customer directly to your account without registration, POLi makes paying online fast and simple for the customers and sellers. The costs for payments are reduced dramatically to avoid the hidden charges and fees which usually leave many only breaking even in their transactions, and by promoting POLi payments, you are able to reach out to 95% of the Australians who use internet banking capabilities.

Offering technical support that is both helpful and effective, POLi ensures that any problems will be resolved. There are no missing, over or under payed transactions to be found, you are able to match the report provided by your banking statements to ensure your money’s safety, and your personal information’s confidentiality.

Providing many different ways for a merchant to find revenue and make sales, this is by far one of the best payment solutions on the market today. As a merchant, you are able to implement POLi into an API checkout with the options of plugins for multiple open variety sources of shopping carts. POLi even offers major discount rates for nonprofit organizations that choose to use their services.

There is no integration of software, POLi helps you create a link to easily provide to your media market customers, such as Facebook or Twitter, that can help cycle business through and create an ease of access as well as mind as you make your payments, and collect revenue while being notified of all your transactions upon completion. This list of merchants already finding use and utilizing POLi is growing every day, creating an online trade route unlike others out there.

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