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Used by millions, Skrill allows a simple and effective way to place bets, shop, trade and game online. This wallet holder service gives you the ability to store, transfer, and withdraw money from your account. Formerly known as MoneyBookers, Skrill offers an assortment of features and benefits that can make using this service to transfer money from one account to another almost instantly with minimal fees to save you the funds of said transfer. You are able to transfer from your bank account to your Skrill account without wait and for free. If you are transferring to someone else, they do not need an account to be involved. They will have to create one to collect what was transferred, however.

Betting online isn’t just a way for people to relax and spend their extra cash. There are some who rely on a daily basis to make the right bids and bets to bring in income and profit. With this service, it is very simple with an account you can have set up strictly for your betting, and profit made from betting so you can manage and secure your income appropriately.

The top rated betting sites do recognize and welcome all Skrill accounts to place bids and collect winnings, with the luxury of instant payouts into your account. To top it all off, you do have the ability to transfer, and withdraw quickly when you need to.

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Track finances of multiple venues in one spot

With the Skrill wallet on your laptop, tablet or even your mobile phone, you are able to focus on your account and financial securities while making quick and effective payments to many venues that you may frequent; marketplaces, in-game stores, and auction sites. This service offers a quick and efficient one-tap from your app. Your card and bank information are always kept quiet and never shared with those that receive or transfer funds to and from your account.

Deposit using various methods

Gaming online has evolved over the last decade, mainly with the ability to apply real money to progress and obtain in-game merchandise for personal entertainment. Not just these games however, but casino gaming as well. With Skrill, you are able to upload funds from many different sources to improve your gaming funds, and never having to miss your game. Anywhere you need it, the app will help you pay online at any time you might find the requirement to do so. The fees for this are very low and transparent.

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You save with capped fees

With fees capped at $10, payments inserted into your Skrill account come in more gainfully as opposed to working off a major percentage of what you are actually making or transferring. Offering their transfer service to over 200 countries, all you need to send money out is an e-mail address. Sending money internationally prevents little charges or fees as it offers a low 1% as a fee, meaning when you make your transfers, more money arrives as opposed to losing money in the crossover.


To sum Skrill up, it is an excellent and beneficial app offering the convenience and luxury which other pay set-ups fail to do. Being able to transfer, trade, buy, and bet with the ease of an app, you are in a position to relax with peace of mind that you are still taking care of business, without finding hidden fees and over charges for simple procedures with your money.

Also having the ability to top off your Skype account right from Skrill account, you can be sure you are staying in touch with those that you can only reach through this popular social communication service.

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