WebMoney Review


WebMoney is a Russia-based, and operated, money transferring online payment system that offers services for both individuals and businesses that are in search for a simple and quick solution to their online transactions.

This service does not require bank account information, nor does it request credit card information to open and operate an account. It does, however, offer WM-Units (WebMoney Units) credit system, allowing for secure transactions and transfers.

Providing more than just regular payment options online, WebMoney also offers financial services to its users to create a completely new economy of online money business. Other features you are able to utilize through this service are Internet Based Trading Platforms, P2P Payment Solutions, Online Billing Systems, Merchant Services, and Transfer Systems.

Online economy

Aside from the normal web-based operations of money transferring and transaction services, this site offers financial services including loans which are planned and well-constructed with strictly enforced rules and security procedures to help those who use this service while waiting for further income to hit their pockets.

By doing this, they are creating a very solid web-based economy for many to utilize while paying their bills and transferring their funds to where they want them to be. Given a secure and efficient P2P (person-to-person) payment solutions, you are able to transfer from your account or credit card to the credit card or account of another service or person. Funds are deposited into your WebMoney account by using wire-transfers or money orders. There are other electronic card solutions for deposits and withdraws upon binding a card to your account.

WebMoney uses

Advanced payment solution

The currency that this web-based payment solution supports come from many regions and countries, leaving users and merchants with options as to payments and currency gains from multiple purses. This is by far one of the most advanced payment solutions offered on the internet.

WebMoney brings a reliable, and comforting security system that protects not only all information on a user’s account, but also does not store information in transaction reports in order to prevent any kind of theft or false claims in the future. Those who have used this site has rated it as the top, most reliable payment solution site out there.

Security and functions

Merchants and businesses are able to organize their budgets and protect their deals with a vast level of security and procedures. They can conduct and receive payments straight through WebMoney while organizing their workload and sales schedules to maintain and increase their profitability. For the buyers and customers who use their account and this site frequently, they have many options of functions that are not limited to spending money. They are actually able to start fundraisers and projects while involving others for good causes and charities. They can create an event with like-minded people with similar interests in the area.


This is more than your run of the mill web-based payment solution and merchant payable service. It is a way for a community to grow and invest time and money safely for better causes outside of the normal process that can leave many vulnerabilities for theft and ghost charges.

Offering minimal fees in their services, WebMoney creates a simple and easy to navigate process for all of its users on a day-to-day, business to individual transactions. With features that are seemingly unending and security procedures that bring a peace of mind through the use of on-site credits instead of dollar amounts linked directly to a person’s personal information, WebMoney is a solid player in the online payment systems market worth to consider.

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