Wynn Finance Will Teach You How to Trade Binary Options Like a Pro


It’s not often that one can find a broker and a trading platform that has exactly what you need, but that might just be the case with Wynn Finance.

While Wynn Finance is a fairly new platform, it has been making changes in the market and has certainly made a name for itself. As a result, we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to write this in-depth Wynn Finance review and look closely at what they do.

This broker is owned by Waterfall Partners Ltd., which is based in London, and trades globally (except USA and Turkey). While they may have only been around since 2015, they are a very successful trading platform, with their trader numbers constantly growing.

What Wynn Finance can offer you

Wynn Finance profit

Wynn Finance’s decision to keep it simple still provides their traders with several possibilities. They cover options from short-term to long-term trades as well as one-touch, range, and high\low.

The list of assets available is very long and varied, but thanks to their visual platform, it is kept simplified and easy for everyone to use. While writing the Wynn Finance review, we found this approach provides an especially positive experience for those trading in gold and indices for long-term.

Wynn Finance covers commodities (gold, silver, oil, etc.), indices (those of the major stock markets in the world), currency pairs (all major world currencies), and the stocks of major and renowned companies.

Open an account with Wynn Finance

Account types at Wynn Finance

Wynn Finance accounts

There are several account types that Wynn Finance offers its traders. Whether you are a beginning trader or a professional, you will be able to find a program that would suit you best. To give you some examples, let’s go over each account type.


It requires a starting investment of $500. The basic account includes a 25% bonus, an educational eBook, and weekly market updates. This is the starting place for those that are new to binary options trading and just want to see if it’s right for them.


This account type requires a starting investment of $1,000. It has a 25% bonus, an educational eBook, weekly market updates, and an academy membership. This account is for those who have some experience in trading already.

Wynn Finance platform


It requires a starting investment of $5,000. The Silver account includes a 30% bonus, webinars, one risk-free trade, one academy session, daily market reviews, and weekly signals. This account is for those serious about binary options trading as the account provides a more professional approach.


The gold account requires a starting investment of $10,000. There is a 45% bonus, three risk-free trades, daily signals, three training sessions, daily market reviews, a dedicated senior analyst to help you, and live webinars. This account provides many extra benefits and offers a hands-on approach with lots of educational tools as well as live help.


It requires a $50,000 investment. This expert account provides an 80% bonus, 10 risk-free trades, daily market reviews, webinars, academy VIP live access, advice from dedicated brokers, daily signals, and expedited withdrawals. The expert account requires the largest investment and provides the professional assistance and tons of tools.

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Key features of Wynn Finance

Wynn Finance tools

Wynn Finance uses a cutting edge trading platform. It is easy-to-use as it has been designed for an intuitive feel that is not overwhelming like some other platforms are. Rather that showing mass amounts of data, traders can customize the user interface to see only that which is important to them. Plus, the features that Wynn Finance offers are some of the best in the market.


Wynn Finance covers the banking needs of a trader by offering several key options for both deposits and withdrawals. It supports major international credit cards, services like Skrill, Amex, iDeal, and wire transfers. All trade and financial actions are done using SSL-encrypted web pages so all personal and financial information is kept safe.

Educational tools

Wynn Finance has gone above and beyond to provide information and education for the traders on their website. The advanced courses are limited to those that hold the higher account types, but the basics are included for all levels, making Wynn Finance a great place for beginner traders to start.

Customer service

Another key feature that we wanted to talk about in this Wynn Finance review is its superior customer service. Experts of binary trading will be able to answer your questions via phone, email, and live chat 24/7.

Wynn Finance is a great choice for beginner traders

Wynn Finance education

Wynn Finance is one of the better trading websites out there, offering a great platform that is simple and easy-to-use. Traders aren’t required to invest in the higher account types to participate and succeed, which is a big plus.

One major downside is that you cannot trade while you are in the USA. However, other than that, it is a very positive trading platform that provides good service and plenty of information. It is obvious that they cater to starting traders, which makes up the majority of users out there, and they do this without sacrificing their expert client base.

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